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    Secured Credit Cards

    Secured Visa® Credit Card

    Secured Visa® Credit Cards are for those who need to establish or rebuild credit history. Learn more about recommended Secured Credit Cards today!

    Ideal for: Just starting out or rebuilding credit

    If you have less than one year of major credit card history OR you know you need to work on improving damaged credit because you have:

    • Been declined for other unsecured cards recently or
    • Missed bill payments or
    • Been contacted by a bill collector in the last year

    Secured Visa® Credit Cards, when used responsibly, can help build and improve your credit record.

    Did you know that, according to, 35% of your FICO® Score is based on your payment history? Another 15% of your FICO® Score is based on the length of your credit history. If you do not have an established credit history, it can be difficult to build a credit score high enough to qualify for a mortgage loan. Based on our experience at, many mortgage lenders are also requiring clients to have at least 2 open trade lines2 before they will agree to help finance a home. For this reason, the secured credit card can be a smart way to begin building a positive credit history.

    If you do not currently have 2 open tradelines on your credit report, consider applying for recommended Secured Cards to help you establish a positive credit history.

    This is a solicitation for a credit card – Secured Visa® Credit Card

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